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Pilgrimage Ideas During Lockdown.

During these unprecedented times, we cannot journey as we would like. However, this doesn't stop us from engaging in some of the disciplines of pilgrimage in, or near our home. I've gathered a few ideas which might help you in considering how you might engage in pilgrimage during 'lockdown'. The first is a pilgrimage resource which we have put with other resources for children families at It is also suitable for older generations. The document is below.

Pilgrimage at Home
Download PDF • 4.68MB

The second idea is to use your daily exercise to pray for your community. One Rector in the diocese did this and posted photos on their social media. Could we do something like this which might encourage others and ourselves to pray?

The third idea comes from a vicar friend of mine who made a short film of places in his parish. Although this might seem a bit much for many of us, the younger generation are often more comfortable with digital media. Do you know someone who could help you create a short film of your prayer journey?

Click on the link to listen to Mark's journey.

Fourthly, could you create a labyrinth to journey on to help you on an inner spiritual journey. Labyrinths have historically been used in this way. Some might be in a garden, others in a home. You can even get finger labyrinths which sit on your palm. These might help you to pray in an intentional way. or might help you.

There are four ideas. What ideas do you have to help you to pray and journey inwardly during this time?

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